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Custom Mirror Sundangle

Custom Mirror Sundangle

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We connect with your energy to create the perfect personalized sundangle for you. Charged in the sun before shipping and continuously revitalized by the sun's warmth your sundangle will be timeless support for you. 

We use a variety of glass, gemstone, and/or wood beads to weave protective balanced energy throughout the sundangle. We will choose the colors, stones, pattern and materials based on what your energy needs. We can also connect with a friend, partner or family member if this will be a gift! 

These are made with a loop above to be able to connect around your mirror but you can hang them anywhere you like. Sundangles are made with nylon coated stainless steel wire and range between 11 and 12 in with loop included, typically 8 - 9in of beads. 

Please email us after purchasing at if you have color preferences you would like included/excluded or any special requests. We work to accommodate all requests but are limited to our available supplies.

If you don't see your desired length reach out, we can make any size. 

All custom orders are non-refundable as we make the piece specific for you and your energy. 


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